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Black science and technology LumiWatch smart Watch: cast operation

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Last year, SONY released a fairly showy product - the SONY Xperia Touch projector, a product without a display that could be shown nowhere, and that black technology was not the name of the wave. However, the size of this product is relatively large, and it may not be very convenient to carry.


A few days ago, researchers at the University of CARM Mellon showed a similar product, similar to the size of Apple Watch, which was named LumiWatch. According to the video demo, LumiWatch can cast the picture onto the arm, then the user can click on the picture of the arm to operate, similar to SONY Xperia Touch.
According to the introduction, LumiWatch uses the bright 15 lumen projection module and the touch sensor, has the complete function. In addition, the watch carries high pass 1.2GHz four core CPU, 768MB RAM, 4GB flash memory and 740 mAh lithium ion batteries, support Bluetooth and WiFi connections, and the system runs Android 5.1.
The specific size of this product is 50mm * 41mm * 17mm. Once put into production, a LumiWatch is expected to cost about $600.
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